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                                                                                            CREASE INVITATIONAL LACROSSE LEAGUE (CILL) – 2021

All rules of play are based on 2021 NCAA rules with the following exceptions:
No Dive – The dive will be illegal (see “Emphasis” section)
No shot clock – There will be no shot clock (see “Game Time/Counts” section)
Over-and-back – Teams have 20 seconds to satisfy a clear to midfield. After 20 seconds, over-and-back is in effect. 

Game Time/Counts

2025-2029: 13-minute running clock quarters, start/stop last 2 minutes of 4th quarter

2030: 11 min running clock, start/stop last 2 minutes of 4th quarter

1 - Timeout Per half

Sub Horns – ONLY for the 2030's and ONLY sideline out-of-bounds
Except for 2029 and 2030 (no counts)
** Referees discretion to impose a 30 second count and encourage a shot on goal if it is determined a team is stalling. The shot clock is satisfied ONLY by a shot taken from in front of GLE that hits the goalie or hits a goal pipe. **

Regular Season – There will be only ONE (4 minute) overtime period. Once the OT period expires, the game is scored a tie.

If a team is winning by 10+ goals in the second half of a game, the game clock will be set to “running.” Penalty time remains start/stop.


No player may compete, or be rostered, on more than one team during the tournament.
Placement on a grade based team (2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029 and 2030) is dictated by the highest grade of any player on the team.
Any violation of the roster rules will result in forfeiture of any games in which the ineligible player participated and may result in disqualification from the game.


Both NCAA & Federation sticks are legal if stick measures less than 6 1/2” across the top of the head, stick will be checked in all aspects of legality as a NCAA stick.
If stick measures 6 1/2” or more across the top of the head, stick will be
checked in all aspects of legality as a Federation stick
Legal Lengths – 2030: 36” - 42” & 52” - 60”
2029: 36” - 42” or 52” - 72”
2028: 36” - 42” or 52” - 72”
2027–2025: 40” - 42” or 52” - 72” (NCAA regulation)


A goalie is NOT given additional time to return to his crease before the restart.
(quick whistle rule) EXCEPT – goalies for 2029 can return to crease before restart.
*NO Player other than the designated, properly equipped goalie is allowed to establish a position in the crease and in between the pipes (in an attempt to block a shot). Quick whistle and an unsportsmanlike conduct foul is assessed.
If a goalie commits a non-violent penalty or non-maligning foul, a defenseman currently on the field will serve the penalty for the goalie. If the penalty IS a violent personal foul (2 minutes or more) or if the goalie maligns an official or an opposing player, the goalie shall serve the penalty. If the goalie is to serve the penalty, the replacement goalie will be given the opportunity for a 3-minute warm-up.


NO spectators allowed behind either team bench
NO spectators allowed along either end line
(1) max official photographer per team on far sideline

All other NCAA Rules are in effect, including:
Contrasting tape is NOT REQUIRED for face-off players
Time outs / Flag Down play / “Timer On”
Stalling (includes 2029)
The Substitution box will stretch 10 Yards
Faceoffs will adhere to NCAA 2021 rules (No motorcycle grip during the faceoff. During the start of the faceoff, the players taking the faceoff may only have their feet, gloves and lacrosse stick on the ground.)

    Significant hits to the head should be considered for EJECTION.
    The Dive is ILLEGAL – The dive will NOT be implemented at any age group. We have deemed the dive to be an unsafe play in our youth game.


No grills, generators, drones, noisemakers or air horns are allowed.  Thank you for respecting our fans and players!
No tolerance policy- alcohol, drugs, discrimination based on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation by players, coaches, or fans. If a player, coach, or fan are proven to be in violation of this, the result will be an immediate ejection from the tournament venue.


If a player leaves the sideline to get involved in an on the field altercation, or a player on the field runs from the opposite end crossing the midfield, that player is automatically ejected from the game. The player may also be removed from the league.  The offending team may have to forfeit the game at the discretion of the league director.  In the event that both teams have players exhibiting this behavior the game may be called and both teams will have the game recorded as a loss. The offending team or teams also may render themselves ineligible for the playoffs. The coaches and officials are expected to protect and promote the safety and well-being of all players.


Teams will be seeded according to their overall record based on points; teams receive 3 points for win, 1 point for a tie.  If two or more teams are tied on points after pool play, the following tie-breakers will be used: 1) head-to-head, 2) goals allowed, 3) differential (max 7 per game +/-), 4) coin flip.

At the end of each game, the referee will record the official score and sign the scorecard.  Any questions regarding the score should be addressed at this time.  It is the coach's responsibility to ensure that the correct score is recorded.  The scorecard will be turned in at the score table at each field.  Scores will be posted online by the end of the day.

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Crease Lacrosse

Crease Lacrosse, 10221 Little Brick House Ct
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Phone: 443-668-6903
Email: [email protected]
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